We offer great rates to Llantwit Fadre householders for simple window cleans or complex conservatory cleans, as well as solar panels.


In the garden, we can clean patios and paving slabs with our high pressure water systems, as well as roof guttering. Ask us for a quote. Llantwit Fadre window cleaners.

Ultra-CLEAN are a well establish family business, a small company with a keen, professional, and friendly attitude - our customers are like family. We can offer you general window cleaning, patio cleaning via our high pressure water systems, conservatory cleaning, guttering and drains, as well as shop windows and business premises, usually up to 30ft - but not higher. We do not offer tall building cleaning. Llantwit Fadre window cleaning, means a local and friendly company, local to Llantwit Fadre, and we can offer you a good deal on repeat orders.

We will cover all of Cardiff, including Penarth, Taffs Well and St. Mellons. Ask us if you live outside that area for, Llantwit Fadre window cleaners..

Llantwit Fadre Window Cleaners.

Domestic and Business


High Pressure Water


Paving Slabs

Garden Paths


Llantwit Fadre,

South Wales.

Llantwit Fadre window cleaners

We offer great prices for domestic or business 'window cleaning; but we can also offer great packages for repeat customers.

If you sign up to have your windows or patio cleaned every month, or quarterly, then we can offer great price packages.


We offer businesses in Llantwit Fadre a commercial service and commercial packages for shop or business premise cleaning, paving slabs and walls.

We can also offer annual packages where we would carry out the cleaning but also inspect gutters. 


Telephone:  01443 201 679

Txt us on:    07496 737 136 for a call back

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